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Dr. Nutrition RecommendsWhy Dr. Nutrition Recommends…

I have added this page to my website and called this page Dr. Nutrition Recommends. Today there are so many myths, and much misleading and contradictory information being disseminated that the average person trying to find the best course of action for a particular health issue or problem becomes very confused and unable to realistically determine the best course of action to take.

In an effort to overcome this confusion I am developing this page where you can come to gain honest, real, carefully researched information on particular health and nutrition topics. Enjoy!

Topic #1: Milk’s Deception – an article by Hippocrates Health Institute

There are many myths and misinformation surrounding cow’s milk and to help understand the health problems associated with milk – particularly with children, here is a very comprehensive article on milk Titled “Milk’s Deception by Dr Brian Clement Co-Director, Hippocrates Health Institute and is included here by kind permission of Dr Brian Clement. Click here to read the recommended article.

The next 3 links are by Dr Michael Greger who has produced over the past 3 years an hour long talk that he does. He also produces short daily emails on various health topics. the link to his website is http://nutritionfacts.org/ I strongly recommend that you Sign up to this website to receive the latest in nutritional news and research updates from him they are all great, informative topics based on the latest research. The links his talks are as follows:

Topic #2: Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death

This video lecture reviews using the proper nutrition to prevent, treat and even reverse the top 15 killer diseases. Click here to view the video.happy apple scribble

Topic #3 More Than an Apple a Day: Combating Common Diseases

This video lecture discusses general nutrition and how to properly eat to AVOID getting ill in the first place. Click here to view the video.

Topic #4 From Table to Able – Disabling Diseases With Food

This video lecture continues and updates the discussion of how nutrition can help you prevent, treat and reverse diseases. Click here to view the video.

Topic #5 Dr. McDougall’s Moments – The Dairy Industry

In this short video, Dr. McDougall discusses his lifetime battle with the dairy industry and what you need to know. Click here to view the video.

Topic #6 Choose Healthy Eating for Life – The China Study

This landmark study conducted by Dr. Campbell reveals how important diet is in living a long, healthy life and reveals the truth about animal products. A must read. Click here to read about it.

Topic #7  The Top 10 Food Lies by Dr. Mark Hyman

Dr. Hyman discusses the lies that have been “feeding” people for years. He focuses on which foods you should eat to lose weight and feel incredible! Click here to watch the short video.

Topic #8 The Plant Based Pharmacist

A favorite website where you learn how to empty your medicine cabinet by following a plant based diet. Click here to learn more.

Topic #9 The Real Food Channel

A directory of videos from around the world which teach the proper way to eat in order to live a long, healthy life. Click here to visit the site.

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