laughing carrotMy name is Steve Vayda and I have a lot to share with you about how to live a healthier life by following some basics, such as…

  • How to eat healthier to live a vibrant, energetic life
  • How to eliminate unhealthy foods that could be making you sick
  • How to cook for your family to prevent disease
  • What foods you should pick and how to pick good ones!
  • How to prepare plant based whole foods so your whole family will enjoy them

My goal is to give you relevant, helpful information that’s going to make living a whole foods life easier. I am especially passionate about helping moms and dads learn about the benefits of a plant based whole foods diet for their children and educating them about the harmful affects of other, poor nutritional choices. Read more about me to learn how and why I have dedicated my time to this endeavor.

My blog will be updated regularly with hints, tricks and general education. In the future, I will have educational events and am currently working on my first book which relates to cow’s milk in the typical American child’s diet. Sign up to get updates in your email so you don’t miss out!

Steve's book 3DComing soon – Steve Vayda (also known as “Dr. Nutrition Recommends” will be releasing his much anticipated book: Food Evolution – From Chimpanzee to Today.

In this book, you will:

  • Learn the history and science behind the origin and evolution of our food sources
  • Get a candid and factual education about how industry greed and deceit is forcing our children to grow up without proper nutrition, leading to unnecessary dis-ease
  • Find out how YOU can introduce nutritious, healthy and delicious foods to your children and help them along the path to a long, healthy life!


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